“As you are browsing my website, perhaps you are already sold on the benefits of creating compelling content?

In which case you are probably wondering – why me?”

“Perhaps you are already sold on the benefits of creating compelling website content?

In which case you are probably wondering – why me?”


Marketing first, writer second

I’ve spent many years in marketing communications targeting consumers, before setting up as freelance in 2012. I can bring my marketing approach to your business to help you plan your website content.

Before I write anything, we will go back to the basic marketing principles. Once I understand your target market, ideal client (s), your competition and your business objectives I can write content to connect with your customers and drive them to action.

I like to listen

What do you need your website to do? What are your long term goals? Who are your customers? What challenges does your business face? How do you want your business to come across – serious, fun, quirky? How will you update your site? What fresh content would you like to add to the site every month? How do you want to qualify your leads?

There are so many questions that I would like to hear your answers to.

Reliability all the way

I was born to organise! If you need a project completed on time, look no further! I am a genuine team player and I can work seamlessly with your web designer, SEO expert, photographer or your in-house team to make things easier for you.

Like many other businesses my freelance career is built on strong client recommendations, so it goes without saying that customer service is my top priority. I want you to be proud of your website, so I am never happy until you are.

Getting to know your business

I am based in my home office in Bromley, Kent. I meet most of my clients face to face in the surrounding areas (including Central London). I find getting to know businesses fascinating and essential to producing valuable content.

Before I set up on my own, I used to employ agencies and freelancers as part of my job, so I genuinely understand what it’s like to be on your side of the fence!


…and don’t take my word for it

I always discuss with my clients how important testimonials pages are on websites to help build trust.

So, to follow my own advice I invite you to read the kind testimonials my clients’ have written.

Lee was recommended to us by a local website designer.  Lee suggested a briefing meeting with us from the outset and took the time to get to know our team, products, services and gained a thorough understanding of our ideal clients. Afterwards she quickly produced all the content for our brand new website which we feel really “sells” our business and connects with our customers online.  We have previously had copy written and ended up re-writing it so we are so glad to have found a website content writer who could quickly understand our business and put together compelling content.  We’ve been very happy with all her work and would not hesitate in recommending her.

Kevin Hornby

AJ Rogers & Sons Ltd

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