Below you’ll find answers to the questions I get asked the most.

Q. Is your service Covid-19 secure?

Yes.  My business has remained open throughout the crisis to help clients.  All communications about your project are conducted by phone, Zoom and email.  We do not need to meet in person and my service is completely virtual.  Before the crisis I used to meet clients in person, but now that I am conducting client planning sessions via Zoom, this has opened up the possibility of helping clients wherever you are based in the UK.

Q. I could write my website copy myself, why do I need a copywriter?

Many of my clients are usually too busy growing and running their businesses to write their own website page copy. Some of my clients have asked me to write their website copy because they feel too close to their business and are looking for that outside perspective to see their business as a customer would. Some clients seek general marketing support in creating the page copy as they do not have these skills in-house. And finally, my clients are usually looking for a professional finish to their website or they simply do not enjoy writing or have been putting it off.

Q. How will you know enough about my business to be able to write about it?

At the start of your project we will schedule a Strategic Website Copy Planning Session via Zoom. I will guide you through some questions about your business objectives, marketing objectives and your specific objectives for your website.  I will ask you about your competitors, SEO plans, your ideal client, geographical reach, your USP’s and the style/tone of voice your business should project.  I will ask you all about your range of services/products so I have all the background I need to understand your offering.  We will also talk about the ideas you have and your thoughts about each individual website page. It is a collaborative process.

You will receive a copy of the questions I will ask in advance so we can really maximise our time on your Zoom call and ensure it is as comprehensive as possible.  You will be invited to send any digital documents in advance of your session – a digital brochure, strategy documents, your CV etc… so that I can read up.

Once your session is complete, I will have everything I need to be able to write your website copy.

Q. I have written my copy already, but I need someone to look over it. Can you help?

My skillset is  helping you plan your website copy to attract your ideal client (from a marketing perspective) and creating your website copy from scratch following a planning session. If you have created all the copy yourself already, but still need support, I would recommend contacting a copy editor, or depending on your budget, a proof reader to help you finish your project. A copy editor would typically be able to help you with correcting grammar & spelling, ironing out inconsistencies, removing duplication, ensuring text is clear, simplifying, editing and rewriting and identifying anything copy that might be confusing to your visitors. You may also find a Virtual Assistant (who specialises in copy editing or proof-reading) who may be able to look over this for you.  Alternatively, you may just need a proof-reading service.  Your decision will be based on how much work you think it needs (i.e. just proof-reading for spelling/grammar or if you are looking for re-writing) and your budget.

Q. Will the copy sound like me/my brand?

During our Strategic Website Copy Planning Session I will get to know you, your business and your brand. This is one of the reasons that a planning session is included in all my projects so that I can establish the correct tone of voice and get to know you and how you help your clients. 

Q. Which pages will you write?

These are some examples of the types of pages I write for my clients:

Home page, About, Services, Frequently Asked Questions, Contact, Team member profiles, Mini case studies, Extensive case studies, Projects, Portfolio, Lead Magnet, Our approach, Our values, Guest Speaking, Packages/prices, How it works, How to find us, News, Sales pages & Testimonials.

After your free 30-minute Discovery Call I can send you a website page planner to help you plan the pages you need for your business website if that would be helpful.

If you have other copy requirements let’s discuss what you need.

Q. How many pages will you write?

Most business owners I work with need between 5 and 12 pages of copy created for their new website.  Typically I work with clients to create some or all of the following types of website pages (depending on their business and target market) –  Home page, About, Service 1, Service 2, Service 3 (or more), Case Studies, Portfolio, Prices, How to find us,  Frequently Asked Questions, Testimonials, Contact.

I offer a range of packages to suit the size of website you are building starting from 5-6 pages of copy and up to about 12.  The reason for this is that I offer an all inclusive package which includes a Strategic Website Copy Planning Session prior to all copy being created (depending on the size of your website).  This planning session is essential so that I can get to know you and your business so that the website copy that I create truly reflects your brand and offering. The planning session will be online via Zoom.

Q. Do you write copy for any industry?

My specialism is working with service-based businesses.  I have worked across many industries from IT to trades and construction through to consultants and coaches!  Some examples of clients include a market research consultant, IT consultant, painter/decorator, carpet shop, a virtual assistant, a work-life balance coach, a CV writing service, a shoe consultant, an occupational therapist, a commercial building company, a travel agent and a European property investment service.

Q. How long will it take to write the copy for my website?

Your first draft will be with you in approximately 10 working days from the date of our Strategic Website Copy Planning Session (this timeframe is based on a typical 5-12 page website). This timeframe allows time for copy creation, competitor research, editing and reflection to ensure you receive quality website copy.

Q. Can I get a quote?

Since every business owner is unique and every project is different I recommend requesting a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call so you can tell me all about your project.  Once I know a little more about your requirements I can recommend the best package and send you a proposal. Simply book yours here.   All-inclusive packages start from just £997 for 5-6 pages of website copy.

Q. Can you help with SEO?

SEO is a very fast-paced and specialised area and if SEO is a key objective I would recommend working with a SEO expert to ensure you get the results you need in the search engines. In terms of the page content your visitors will see, I quite often work with a list of keywords and can write these into the content for you. Keywords are often provided to me by my clients and sometimes by a website designer/SEO expert.

Q. Do you work with keywords to ensure my site is optimised?

Yes, once your project has started we will discuss your SEO requirements and keywords. I can work with your list of keywords or a list supplied by your website designer/SEO expert.

Q. What kind of clients do you usually work with?

Many of my clients are service-based business owners who have premises and a team, but I also work with established and ambitious consultants, freelancers and coaches. My clients vary from sole traders to limited companies.

Q. I am not sure where to start with planning the copy for my new website. Can you help?

Please book your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call and I will be happy to help you with some ideas during that call.

Q. What’s your availability like?

I personally write all the copy and work on one project at a time so you have my complete focus. My availability changes all the time depending on client demand. Once you have agreed your package, your project will be prioritised and scheduled in my diary. Feel free to ask me about my availability to complete your project and I will give you an approximate start date for your project.

Q. Where are you located?

I am based in Bromley (Kent) but help clients who are based anywhere in the UK as my service is completely virtual via Zoom, phone and email.

Q. Will you liaise with my website designer?

Yes, I will liaise with your website designer by phone/email once your project is underway.

Q. Should I produce the copy for my website first or focus on the website design?

Many website designers I have worked with like to receive the finished page copy first and build the site around it. I have also worked on projects where the design has been completed first and I have written the copy to fit the available spaces within the site. I would recommend asking your website designer how they will work on your project and I can fit in with your requirements.

Q. Who owns the website copy?

Once you have the final draft, the copy is indeed yours.

Q. Right now I just want to talk about my project, I am not sure if I need a website copywriter as I have never worked with one before!

No problem. I am happy to offer any guidance you may need in the early stages of your project and explain my copywriting process during a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call.  Book yours today.

Q. I am not sure where to start with the menu bar and page planning.

No problem. I am happy to offer some suggestions during your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call.  Book yours today.

Q. How much do you charge?

All website copy packages are all-inclusive and include a Strategic Website Copy Planning Session via Zoom before I write anything. Your website page copy will be written from scratch and emailed in one comprehensive document ready for you to upload to your website or to pass to your website designer.  Also included in each package is – a set of amends, liaison with your website designer/SEO expert by phone/email, advice about your copy throughout your project, imagery advice, and a free Final Online Website Audit to make sure the words sit happily with your design once the website has been published.   As a next step please contact me to book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call so you can tell me all about your website plans and I can recommend the best package for your requirements.  As a guideline, All-Inclusive Website Copy Packages start from £997 for 5-6 pages of website copy.

Q. I’m interested, so what next?

Book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call.  Once I know a little more about your requirements I can then very quickly email over my recommendation of a package to suit your requirements.

Q. Can you help plan the pages/sub-pages and put together the headings for the menu bar?

Yes, I am more than happy to help you plan that during a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call. Book yours today.

Q. What format will you provide the copy in?

Your copy will be emailed to you as a .doc Word document and as a pdf ready for you to send to your website designer for uploading to your website.

Q. I have an existing website and I need to bring forward some existing content to the new website. Can you help with that?

Yes, no problem at all. Let’s discuss how I can help during our 30 minute FREE Discovery Call. Book yours today.

Q. What if I need to amend the copy after it has been written?

Since my planning process with you is extremely thorough, it would be my aim that your website copy is to your satisfaction and that it will only be minor tweaks that are needed. All website copy packages include a set of amendments so I am able to take your comments on board and amend where necessary.  We can discuss any amendments by phone or by email, whichever suits you best.

Q. How does payment work?

Your project fee will be divided over 3 payments to help you spread the cost.  Once you have agreed your project I will invoice a non-refundable deposit for 30% of the total project fee which I ask to be settled in advance of the one to one Strategic Website Copy Planning Session which will secure your project in my diary. Once you have received your website copy you will receive an invoice for 60% of the total fee. On completion of the first set of amendments, the final balance of 10% will be due for payment. All payments are due within 7 days of the invoice being issued.  Payment is requested by direct bank transfer.

Q. Do you write blogs?

My specialism is website page copy i.e home page, services page, case studies etc…. Many clients choose to write blogs themselves as they sound more authentic when written by the business owner. If you are looking to generate blog content to help you gain traction in the search engines I would recommend looking for an SEO expert and producing blog content in conjunction with them for the best result. Unfortunately I do not offer a blog writing service at present.

Q. Do you write terms and conditions and privacy policies?

My skillset is the marketing side of your website. Due to the legalities involved and the internal nature of the information which needs to be produced I recommend that clients produce this themselves.

Q. I am concerned about confidentiality.

I understand that you your project may be confidential. Please have a read of my Privacy Policy for your peace of mind.

During your Discovery Call I would like to help you on your website journey by:

✓ Discovering more about your business & website objectives
✓ Providing some feedback about your existing website copy*
✓ Helping you plan the menu bar for your new website & offering a Q&A

(*If you have a website already)

Let me know your availability for your free 30-minute Discovery Call

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Helping business owners across the UK

I am based from my home office in Greater London, but my website copywriting service is virtual and I work via Zoom, phone and email.  We do not need to meet in person so I can help you from wherever you are based in the UK.